Sunday, 17 June 2012

I'm one of them

Yup, i'm a ex-member of marching band in secondary school level, my school band is not as good as western country but still we get a silver medal in Asia. Above is one of the best DCI Marching Band that i admire, Blue Devils, Concord from California.

Marching band is a sport in which a group of instrumental musicians generally perform outdoors and incorporate some type of marching (and possibly onto other movements) with their musical performance. Instrumentation typically includes brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments. Most marching bands use some kind of uniform (often of a military style) that include the school or organization.

Since i have join marching band, i understand and experience how hard a band should be to develop and become top band in a competition. During my time, my school band takes few month to practice/ prepare for a competition, a formation competition which mean player have to march and play while performing. As the competition is near by , the more we practice. During holidays, others student may have their own fun time, but for us , we need to stand under the hot sun for several hours just to make sure everything is perfect in formation.

It is a very hard task for me when I 1st join the team for competition. I have to remember the step where i need to move together with the music i play , sometime i may forget the next place that i should be, it is dangerous to others member because if i move backward to a wrong way, i may bang into someone with heavy instrument like Tuba. Practice make perfect, after few months of training, it have become something easy to me. Sometime my leg will unconsciously lead me to the way during practice. It was something amazing that some else may not have the chance to experience it.

Be a marching band member, we need to be physical and mentally strong. Exercise is an important element to maintain our stamina so that we can produce high quality of sound during the performance.

What is important in a marching band is the spirit of team work because every single player form the shape of a formation and every sound that played by the player is important to strengthen the sound to impress the audience. A member did wrong, he/she may ruin the whole performance.
Slogan for the band~~ Together We are One!!!! One band, One sound!!!! One band, One heart!!!
These are the slogans which marching bands like to use because it represent united.

Anyway, I'm proud of being a marching band member (ex-member) although i get sunburn and no longer have fair skin. But i got a chance to wear the very cool~~ uniform. ^~^v

Other then that,through marching band i realize that we can train our brain to do multiple task just like they do. They have make the music connected to their body!!! Nothing is impossible, effort and patient are the elements we need.  

 Sometime i wish to change role with others so that i can experience their role, especially color guard (dancer with flag). 

  A color guard with double flag.


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