Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rubbish can be beautiful~

I saw some interesting contemporary sculptures today when i was doing my research. It was so artistic and creative, the artwork was fantastic, i really wish that Malaysia have this kind of nice structure. Maybe our assignment can be something like this since our campus is creative industry. Everyone knows that creating this kind of big sculpture is costly and it also time consuming, no body is willing to pay for it nor to make it.

But for me, i don't think so. Just like i said, art colleges or universities can assign students to create this kind of sculptures or maybe organize  it as a competition. Through this activity, we can seek the creativity potential in students. For the material to do the sculpture, i think reuse the unwanted item is the best way to solve the the cost problem. In this way, students not only can save money or maybe no need to pay at all for the material. Furthermore, reuse the unwanted item can avoid more rubbish is being throw away. It is always better to reuse the rubbish to make it become something useful and beautiful.

These are made by all kind of unwanted item, it's colorful.

This made by recycle tires, it's cool~

Made by magazine, cute.

Made by recycle bottles, simple nice >.<

Made by unwanted steel from vehicles / machine. 

   I like this the most, the "Sound Wave"

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