Sunday, 26 August 2012


Is graffiti consider an art? For me, i think graffiti is an art work without publish. Sometime graffiti can be very nice and it may become somethings that can make the appearance of the city look nice. However, not all of the graffiti are like by people, some of the graffiti are annoying but it depends.Some people think that the idea of graffiti is mostly negative and offensive. Most people will ignore it and state that graffiti is a negative action.  

The reason why i think graffiti can be categorize as art because graffiti is a drawing and it is also a painting, just the difference is graffiti i draw on walls.The artist is expressing his / her idea through graffiti. If we analyse their work carefully, you can found out that a lot of design element i being apply in their work. Actually the ancient artist, they are also draw on walls. In ancient country, they will draw some drawing on the to decorate their house.It is to show the wealthiness they have.      

The popular 3D drawing was actually consider graffiti because it was draw on the  public places like roads and also wall.

3D graffiti is more interesting compare the normal graffiti because 3D look real and it give illusion to the audience.

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